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John Van Beek has been tuning the Greater Roanoke Valley's pianos since 1998. He is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technician's Guild.

Services Offered

Tuning- Pianos in the home receive one to two tunings a year while Church pianos receive two to four. Concert pianos are tuned before rehearsals and touched up before the concert, touch up at intermission may also be requested.  Whatever your preference, have your piano tuned at least once a year for proper maintenance.

Repair- Your piano is made up of 9,000 to 14,000 wood, felt and leather parts. Just like your car, there is wear and tear on these parts, and sometimes they need to be repaired or replaced, even on high quality pianos.

Regulation- As a mechanical device, your piano action needs regular adjustment. Pianos actions leave the factory regulated within thousandths of an inch tolerance in many parts. A little shrinking or swelling can easily throw it out of adjustment. Occasional regulating and cleaning prolongs your piano’s life and keeps it playing up to its potential.

Moving- If you need your piano moved, let us assist you. We are fully insured and have the equipment expertise to help you; with dollies, piano boards, moving blankets, and an enclosed trailer.

Appraisals- When selling your piano, a written appraisal provides a solid basis for setting your price and negotiating with a potential buyer. It also helps to secure a rider for your insurance policy.

Estimates- After we service your piano, we will be happy to give you a written estimate on any work that would be required to put the piano in the condition that would meet your needs.

Purchase Consulting- We can assist you in the purchase of a new or used instrument. As an independent technician, we can give you impartial advice on a piano that would best fit your needs.

Dampp Chaser Humidity Control Systems - Pianos are designed to be at 42% relative humidity. A Dampp Chaser System in your piano will keep the humidity at this level, ± 5 % year around. As a result, your tuning and regulation will remain more stable over a longer period of time. Call me for a free brochure and price list.